mpltern: Ternary plots with Matplotlib

Mpltern is a Python plotting library based on Matplotlib specifically designed for ternary plots. Mpltern is implemented as a new projection for Matplotlib, with introducing e.g. new Transform classes for ternary plots. The followings are the features of mpltern when compared with other ternary-plot libraties:

  • Many things one expects essentially possible using Matplotlib can be done also in mpltern, without e.g. ternary-to-Cartesian conversions on the user side
  • For the same plotting styles, mpltern offers the same or very similar method names as Matplotlib does; you do not need to learn many new commands in addition to those for Matplotlib
  • Tick markers, tick labels, and axis labels are automatically positioned with reasonable paddings inherited from Matplotlib; this allows users e.g. faster production of ternary plots with publication quality
  • Easy combination with normal Matplotlib plots
  • Easy application of seaborn styles
  • Working also in Matplotlib interactive modes inside e.g. Jupyter notebooks

Citing mpltern

The author requests to cite mpltern via the DOIs below if mpltern contributes to a scientific publication. Of course, Matplotlib should be also very much acknowledged when using mpltern.




Yuji Ikeda (Github, Google Scholar, ResearchGate)