Implemented Methods#

The following methods are available, instead of by giving x and y as the first two arguments, by giving t, l, r as the first three arguments:

  • ax.text

  • ax.plot

  • ax.scatter

  • ax.fill

  • ax.tricontour

  • ax.tricontourf

  • ax.tripcolor

  • ax.triplot

Similarly, the following methods are available by giving, t, l, r, dt, dl, dr as the first six arguments instead of x, y, dx, dy:

  • ax.arrow

  • ax.quiver


In the methods above, by setting the corresponding transform, one CAN still pass x and y for the plots onto the Cartesian coordinates like data, axes, figure, and display coordinates of Matplotlib Axes.

The following methods are for binned plots. The first three arguments are for t, l, and r, and gridsize must be one integer value.

  • ax.hexbin

  • ax.tribin

Furthermore, the following methods and attributes are implemented, which should work as expected from the correspondences of Matplotlib:

  • Similarly to ax.get_xlabel and ax.get_ylabel:
    • ax.get_tlabel

    • ax.get_llabel

    • ax.get_rlabel

  • Similarly to ax.set_xlabel and ax.set_ylabel:
    • ax.set_tlabel

    • ax.set_llabel

    • ax.set_rlabel

  • Similarly to ax.axhline and ax.axvline:
    • ax.axtline

    • ax.axlline

    • ax.axrline

  • Similarly to ax.axhspan and ax.axvshan:
    • ax.axtspan

    • ax.axlspan

    • ax.axrspan

  • Similarly to ax.xaxis and ax.yaxis:
    • ax.taxis

    • ax.laxis

    • ax.raxis


All the above methods and attributes are designed to be accessible only via the object-oriented API of Matplotlib. The pyplot API may not work as expected.